Tips To Help Get Over The Fear Of Flying

There are always a few tips to help you get over the fear of flying and to enable you to arrive at airport calm, relaxed and more excited than fearful of one’s flight. Flight phobia does not start as you enter the airplane; it starts, sometimes even, ahead of booking the holiday.

But what exactly is it that you will be truly frightened of?

It would surprise you to discover that although you might attach practicalities or what you could perceive as true danger to the whole experience, what you probably fear more than whatever else is the fear itself… the anxiety that generally seems to always come when you fly.

Flight phobias are more common than you think and while there are tips to help you get over the fear of flying, the main problem is the anxiety itself, not the flight.

What if you might feel totally relaxed from the moment you book your trip?

Here is a listing of tips to help you get over your fear of flying and to help you enjoy your trip and get rid of your flight phobia.

  1. Next time you are on an uneven road, imagine it is turbulence within a flight. Turbulence is nothing more than ‘air bumps’ and nothing to worry about.
  1. The ability of positive thought is extremely powerful indeed. Use distraction to take your brain far from the fear of flying you are experiencing and attempt to think about the fun you may have on reaching your destination rather than the negative thoughts about your flight.
  1. Use relaxation techniques, visualizations or self hypnosis to relax your tense muscles. A useful technique is to tense and relax each of your body muscles starting at your neck and face and working down seriously to your toes, one at any given time until all the tension has dissipated.
  1. People who experience high anxiety and flight phobia have a remarkably powerful imagination It is often called ’emotional intelligence ‘. To be able to ‘occupy’ your creative mind and prevent it from creating flight phobia, find other what to occupy your intellect. The puzzles work effectively.
  1. When your flight phobia sets in, your heart may begin to beat rapidly as anxiety builds. Have a long, deep breath and hold it. This activates the ‘dive reflex’ and causes the heart rate to slow and your anxiety to subside.
  1. High anxiety and even panic feelings are the creation of the anxiety response that developed in humans to guard us. Even though the symptoms can seem very frightening sometimes, they could and will not harm you. Use tip 5 above to suppress the anxiety response.

Hopefully, these tips to obtain over the fear of flying will allow you to take control of any anxiety you could experience.

While strategies for flight phobia can be quite powerful indeed, what’s strongest is to enjoy your trip and imagine the enjoyment you will experience once you arrive at your destination, understanding that you have learned how to get over your fear of flying.


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